Forever Almost Me Again

Forever Almost Me Again Album Cover

June 19th [2023]
10 tracks at 36:52

my latest album.


Schizoscriptures Self Titled Album Cover

May 7th [2021]
8 tracks at 21:08

songs inspired by misanthropy, guilt and paranoia, as well as brief moments of perceived connection and beauty.

Pale Blue Family Van Disc 1

Pale Blue Family Van Disc 1 Album Cover

Oct 16th [2020]
6 tracks at 9:11

my first steps in making music I cared about. there is no disc 2. much love to armada springs.


I'm lucy.

My band is Schizoscriptures. I compose and record.

I don't know what genre SCSC is. People online say it is Digital Hardcore, Noise Rock, Indietronica, Experimental, and Noise.

group photo from first schizoscriptures concert a barren blue room with a CRT and a black sigil painted on the wall

what are these lyrics?

I empathize with the worst of the worst, because they need it most, because they are beautiful.
When you believe that nobody could love you for your life, i sincerely want to.
I want you to know that I am just like you.